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Fusa & Kintsuna Installation


1. Orders by transfer. Parcel delivery attachs with 3 pieces. Hooks

Just stick with glass pane for Hanging out Fusa and Kintsuna

1-piece Fusa and 2-piece for Kintsuna stick with 3M. Scotch® Auto Acrylic Foam ready to use.


2. Start by cleaning the glass with a film behind the rearview mirror.

With a damp cloth Or cotton swab moistened with alcohol (like the one used to wash the wound, blue).

a wide area (size as around rearview mirror)


3. Stick big HOOK on center line of glass pane ( same line with rearview mirror bracket)

Distance from the top around 10-15 cm.


4. Fold at half of label, Kintsuna's envelopes .there are center line on lebel.


5. Be folded up against the glass pane in the middle of the line with the hook attached to it.

Then I hung 2 small hooks separation (that plugged into the bladder interlacing) is mounted at the corners as shown.



6. All 3 pieces are arranged in the image (the image. A view from under rearview mirror).


7.Kintsuna hang out with 2 hooks sides.


8. Insert top of fusa from the front car. pass into lower niche of Kintsuna to hunging at center hook.


9 When hanging out the Fusa and Kintsuna , the same as the picture Check the balance the Fusa should be the middle of it. Do not tilt to one side. On balance, you should wipe the glass clean with a dry cloth.


10.Now ,Park overnight show. Good luck with the safety And even more beautiful.